2022 International Conference on Remote Sensing, Surveying and Mapping (RSSM 2022)
RSSM 2022 Technical Program Committees

RSSM 2022 Technical Program Committees


Prof. Dechang Liu, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, China





Liu Dechang, second level researcher, doctoral supervisor. He is currently the deputy director and Secretary General of the expert committee of China Association of remote sensing applications, and formerly the director of the aerial survey and remote sensing research center of Beijing Institute of geology of nuclear industry and the director of the Key Laboratory of remote sensing of nuclear industry. He has won 32 national and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and has written 6 works such as uranium structure and metallogenic evolution in China, research on post remote sensing application technology, and uranium structure and metallogenic evolution. He has published more than 100 papers in magazines and journals such as "Chinese science" and "Proceedings of Chinese and Russian nuclear scientists". It has been rated as "young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions" in the nuclear industry system and "model worker in the nuclear industry system", and has been awarded "scientific and technological personnel enjoying the special allowance of the State Council".