2022 International Conference on Remote Sensing, Surveying and Mapping (RSSM 2022)
RSSM 2022 Special Invitation Keynote Speaker

RSSM 2022 Special Invitation Keynote Speaker


Prof. Hong Huang, Chongqing University, China


黄鸿教授,博士生导师,重庆大学测控技术与仪器系主任,图像信息处理研究室负责人,国家一流本科专业、重庆市“大数据智能化”特色专业负责人。担任中欧 “龙计划”组委会委员,科技部评审专家,教育部学位中心评审专家,重庆市人民防空特聘专家,Frontier in Oncology客座副主编,Applied Sciences客座编辑。主要从事图像处理与模式分类、目标检测与识别研究,相关成果在遥感观测、医学诊断和流程工业等领域得到应用。近年来主持了国家自然科学基金、国家重点研发计划课题、重庆市重点产业共性关键技术创新专项等20余项科技项目。以第1/通讯作者在IEEE TNNLS、IEEE Trans. Cybernetics、Pattern Recognition等国际知名学术期刊上发表SCI学术论文50余篇,Google学术总引用2000余次,其中3篇入选ESI高被引论文。曾获得中国机械工业科技进步二等奖、华为奖教金、重庆市优秀博士论文指导教师等荣誉。

  Huang Hong is a Professor and Ph. D Supervisor in the College of Optoelectric Engineering, Chongqing University, China. He also is a head of Department of Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, and the director of the Image Information Processing Laboratory, Chongqing University, China. His main research activities are in the fields of image processing, pattern recognition, and remote sensing. In particular, he pays more attention to manifold learning, deep learning, graph learning, and hyperspectral remote sensing.

   Dr. Huang has published more than 100 journal articles and conference papers, and obtained ten invention patent authorizations. He is a guest Associate Editor of Frontier in Oncology and a guest Editor of Applied Sciences, and a Reviewer of over 20 international journals, including IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Trans. Cybernetics, IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. Dr. Huang has won the second prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.